Monday, April 17, 2006

Things to Do: 8 Billion; Motivation: 0

"Is this the real life
Is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality"

Odd coincidence that I am about to post about how I'm overwhelmed with crap to do (aren't we all?) and Bohemian Rhapsody shuffles up on the iPod.

I don't know if I can even bare to see the entire list of "to dos" written out, but it might help me to start tackling them if they are written down and not just floating in my head...

By 4/20:
Read 2 articles
Write lecture on articles
Create power point for lecture
Critique paper for another grad student
Give feedback to undergrad on a paper
Give feedback to LIBF on papers
Pick textbook for Fall class and submit form, contact book rep and beg for videos

By 4/25:
Read 1 article
Write short (thank god) lecture on article
Create power point for lecture

By 4/27:
Read 2 articles
Write lecture on articles
Create power point for lecture
Write Method section of dissertation for study 1 (so that can tell advisor I did something!)
Finish study guide for class final exam and post online
Download current data set of internet study and prep stats tutorial for research group

By 5/3:
Create final exam for class and send to TA for copying

By 5/13:
Buy b-day present for bro
Buy mom's day present for mom (maybe I should include locate some money in an earlier to do)
Create poster for conference and send to poster making lady

By 6/1:
Article based on dissertation study 1 due to editor (I need to incorporate to dos of writing deadlines and data analysis earlier for this... which is even tougher because my advisor's advice about this deadline is to ignore it! argh!)
Apply for IRB approval of dissertation study 2 so that it can start immediately in Sept.

By end of June:
Create syllabus for summer class
Prepare some lectures, projects, demonstrations, in class activities for summer class
Prepare job hunt packet (teaching evals, teaching statement, research statement, vita, etc)
Have panic attack about impending job hunt

By end of July:
Create syllabus for Fall class
Prepare some lectures for Fall class
Create syllabus for Spring Class
Hunt for reading material for spring class

By end of August:
Finish intro to dissertation
Finish methods, results, discussion of study 1 (hopefully a piece of cake after writing the article for June 1st)
Write methods for study 2

Wow... that is overwhelming, but seems manageable now that I've laid it out with rough dates. If I stay on top of the list, I can be well set for the fall and spring semester. Of course there are major obstacles to staying on track (such as going on vacation, teaching for 6 weeks everyday), but not as impossible as it seemed twenty minutes ago when I was aimlessly surfing the internet avoiding all work.

Seeing how my sidebar is pretty naked, I think I might post my to do list over there since this blog seems mostly for my own blathering to myself at this point!


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