Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Student emails...

"Regarding the final exam for Psych, the exam period is 3 hours long. Will the exam actually take that long? Or will it just be slightly longer than the first 2 exams?"

Hmmm... let's see...

Even though I've announced several times at the end of class that the final exam is essentially an exam 3 and noncumulative, that would indicate that it is like the first 2 exams. But good point about the 3 hours... I should really fill up all of that time. So I'm going completely off the syllabus and the final exam will be 3 hours of essays. At the start of each hour of the exam I will post the next essay question on the screen. 3 essays, 3 hours... oh and let's say 80% of your final grade.

Oh and as I also announced in class... take a look at the class website all of the information you want to know is there including the fact that the final exam is just the same as the previous 2 exams.



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