Thursday, April 20, 2006

Preclass dead time

In the hour or so before class, I can never focus to get any work done. I'd love to be able to concentrate and work up until 15 minutes before class and waltz over ready to go. Instead I work until about an hour before class and then can't do anything other than waste time. Not that blogging is time wasted, certainly not.

Did anyone else see that horrible awful woman on the Colbert Report last night? I've already blocked her name from my memory. Her book was something like "To Hell with That I just want to be a slave to my husband because he's the man and men are better than women. Women should be depend on their men and should have no life of their own." Hmmm... that's a long title. I was so livid about this woman's interview that I was fuming while watching. LIBF told me that I watched the entire thing with a scowl on my face. And then I spent nearly an hour yelling and ranting about why she is a horrible woman. She literally said that women should be dependent on their husbands. She seems to completely fail to realize that the feminism she is soooo against is the only reason that she 1) went to college and got a good education, 2) is able to have a good job (she writes for the New Yorker, though only when the kids are at school), 3) had the freedom to have an opinion and write a book about it and get it published. ARGH!!! Crap, now I'm pissed again and I have to get to class.


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