Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Foul mood

I am currently in the foulest of foul moods. It is certainly not being helped by the fact that I hate all of my clothes, waited 5 minutes for some bitch to pull out of her parking space and she never did (who the fuck just comes out to their car and sits in it?!), and I haven't eaten. Oh and they've been doing construction outside of my office for weeks now. I have to come in every fucking day and listen to horrible noises that even the iPod on the last setting can drown out.

I need to prep my lecture for this evening, but I feel in no mood because I'm anticipating that the students like they have been the past couple of weeks will just be the same old rude assholes they've been all semester. I've tried to treat them as adults and give them subtle cues to quiet down and be polite. But apparently I've been wrong, they aren't adults they are children and probably need to be yelled at. More and more I'm liking my advisor's idea of giving them an impossible final exam as a big "screw you."

Of course I won't do that... but this class is eating away at my last nerve.

Ok, I'm in a pissy mood. I should prep this lecture quickly and than try to find something edible at the student center.


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