Friday, April 07, 2006

Day Light Savings My Ass!

Ever since the time change on Saturday, I've been exhausted and unmotivated. I had a meeting with my advisor yesterday and admitted that I have been mostly sitting on my hands recently not knowing what to do with myself. My study is running in the lab, which is handled by undergrads who are under the supervision of another grad student (the first time in 4 years that it wasn't by me!), and it is also on the internet. I have a mountain of things to accomplish--a poster to create, parts of the dissertation to start writing, the introduction and methods of an article that's due in less than 2 months, shitloads of crap for my class, prepping for my summer class and class in the fall. And with all that facing me, my focus is instead on sleeping, watching tv, and even doing laundry a week earlier and lugging a bunch of stuff to the laundry mat that typically only gets washed on very infrequent occasions. After our meeting I at least have some guidance on the poster; can you believe in 5 years I've never made a poster?

I'm starting to get excited about my class this semester again (the last few lectures have been painful because by the third time around they aren't fresh and exciting). But I'm excited now because we are about to start a brand new section that I'm trying for the first time. It has the potential to be really cool and tie together a lot of the concepts we've discussed in class, but if I don't keep up the energy I can see how it might completely flop. I am a little nervous about this special section because it touches on some political things. I'm 100% anti-Bush and so I love the stance that the articles the class is reading takes (I love reading psychological articles by big name psychologists who are liberal and have the guts to say Bush sucks), and in one on one conversations I will happily share my views with students. But in a class of 400, I get nervous about being overly political because I don't want to offend or alienate any students (even if I think they are morons for supporting the administration). In the past, I've had several students complain when I bring up minor little political things to illustrate psychology concepts. So I'm a little nervous.


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