Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So tired...

Why am I so tired? The past two days I've stayed in bed until nearly 11, even though I have tons of work that I need to be doing. The alarm goes off at 8, but I just can't get up.

I had the most terrible dream last night. (Background to the dream... Thursday my class has an exam and the TA can't be there, so he is supposed to drop off the copied exams to me sometime soon. This semester's TA is fairly responsible as compared to last semester's). So in the dream, the TA drops off the exams for me and I take them over to the class and meet up with the proctors. As I am about to start passing out the exams, I notice about half of them are blank, no exam was copied after the first page. I suddenly have a situation in which some exams have been handed out, other students are waiting, and I have 200 exams that are just blank paper. To top it off, there are no scantrons, which means I'll have to grade all of the exams by hand. Students are rioting and I have to think quickly to come up with a solution. Those without an exam are happy to have extra study time, but those with an exam are pissed because they want extra time too, but they've already seen the exam.

That dream is probably in part why I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I have a lecture to give this afternoon and I don't feel like. This class is by far the most disrespectful class I've had. The talk, check their cell phones, text message, and play on their laptops while I lecture and especially when I show a video. Despite my repeatedly scolding them for the rudeness, they just persist. As convenient as laptops are, I wish I could ban my students from using them during class because they are clearly instant messaging, checking email, and playing games. But then again, I guess that is their own problem if they do poorly in the class.

Ok, I've wasted enough time right now. Hopefully, I'll go prep my lecture and not just stare at the TV for another hour...


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