Thursday, March 23, 2006

No nap for me...

I left my office for about 30 minutes to run to the student center for some food. I found $5 at the bottom of my purse, which wasn't enough for an over-priced sandwich, so I just got a bagel and a donut. Hopefully the sugar rush will help keep me awake (although my stomach is feeling queasy now) because in the time I was out of my office, my officemate showed up. She's nice and sweet, but when we're both in here together it is cramped! I was sort of hoping to eat a quick lunch and maybe rest my eyes for 40 minutes before meeting with my advisor.

I did manage to finish another lecture for my class. If I finish up 1 more, I'll have finished the textbook lectures (which honestly are the easy ones because I have my old lectures to plagiarize from). The last three weeks of class are a special applied topic, which I decided to throw in for fun (stupid me!). I have quite a bit of reading and preparing to do for that because it is just as new to me as it is to my students. If I can bang out this last textbook lecture, I can hopefully avoid a situation of the blind leading the blind!


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