Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Afternoon

Ugh! Why did I offer to give a makeup exam at 5pm on a Friday? Especially when it is so nice outside. Although all I really want to do is go home and sleep. (oh wow... the guy just showed up, apparently we had our wires crossed on this and he thought he was just coming to explain why he missed the exam in the first place, which actually is fine with me 'cause now I'm heading home!)

Right, so yesterday I posted about the guest lecturing gig. It went over pretty well I think. It is weird lecturing to a different group of students. At least with my own class, I know who is going to pay attention and who isn't, who typically sleeps and who doesn't, who is chatty and who isn't.

Speaking of my class, yesterday's was definitely an interesting one. The lecture was on attraction and it is one of my favorites because I have a fun demonstration in the middle, and several easy jokes that students usually laugh at, so I look forward to this lecture. About 3 minutes into the lecture, the wireless microphone battery dies. Thank goodness I had another one in my bag (that was one of the first pieces of advice my advisor gave me when I started teaching... bring extra batteries). Unfortunately that threw me off a bit from the lecture, and just when I thought I was back on track, I said something that apparently was quite funny (I have no idea what I said. I find often when I teach, afterwards I don't remember very much of what I said, I just trust that it was decent). But this was so funny that students were laughing really hard, the type of laughing they would do if my shirt fell off. I was absolutely freaked, because I don't know what I said. I was paranoid for a while that my pants had vaporized or something. Then just when I had recovered from that, I looked to my right and there was a girl squating down having a chat with a guy who was sitting in a seat. Now, if someone was chatting with the person sitting next to them, that annoys me, but at least they are both presumably students. I couldn't figure out why this girl was squatting on the floor if she was a student, so I stopped lecturing and stared. I stared for a good 30 seconds and most of the class started staring in that direction. The guy and girl finally noticed and I said something about having a good conversation (again no memory for what exactly came out of my mouth). The squating girl jumped up and ran out of the room and the guy slunk down in his seat. The rest of the class laughed. After that I was more relaxed than usual through the lecture. I think I even said "that sucked" at one point. To me, it was probably ranks up there with the worst lectures I've given, but in trying to keep an open-mind (and stay an optimist) I have a feeling that the students actually enjoyed it. (Or maybe I'm hoping that the pratfall phenomenon which I lectured about yesterday does really happen!)


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